Steps for Companies

Submit for Approval

We screen for quality companies that will fit our network’s desired investment criteria.

Provide Materials

Once a company clears our vetting process, we require comprehensive materials from the company that can be shared with qualified interest within our network.

Source Interest

Company materials are only shared with qualified parties that have inquired and requested further information from our strategic targeting and sourcing process.

What is the cost?

Companies pay a one-time distribution fee to be listed on PINDX.  The fee is based on our cost to target and source qualified interest.

Steps for Investors

Establish Investment Criteria

Register on PINDX and create an investor profile which enables notifications when a deal of interest is available for review on PINDX.

Access to PINDX’s Deal Matrix, which enables investors to review all deals at their leisure, is available to all registered investors.

Broad Access

Access to PINDX is available for both institutional investors as well as individual accredited investors.


There are no mandatory costs or fees for investors.  PINDX Preferred Access allows members to gain a “first look” advantage of sourcing and reviewing potential funding opportunities prior to the information being made to the entire PINDX network.

For Accredited Investors Only

Potential investment opportunities available on PINDX are intended for institutional investors and investors with a minimum income or net worth as required by the SEC.